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Elisabetta Shoulder Bag

Author: Susie Parks (IP address:,
Email: susie@perfectmedialab.com
Seeking webmaster/small business owner to participate in the online paid researches


I’m Parks from American User Interviews.

We are looking for webmasters/small business owners/bloggers like you to participate in our online paid tasks, such as:
“Seeking webmasters who use cdn to speed up websites, $3, 6 minutes ” – You take 6 minutes to fill out some forms, then get $3.

Or “Looking for small business owners to test a new feature, $2, 5 minutes” …

If you are interested, please visit: https://www.perfectmedialab.com/cashsurvey

Minimum payment threshold: 10$ = 2 paid surveys + 3 cash offers (as you do more, you will get higher paying offers, surveys )

Susie Parks

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